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misery synopsis collasped...
misery synopsis collasped into hands held out for fury.
by Rachael
written fiction put into our words of hate
field and product reviews of interradicular situations
dance upon salivation within monitory relief
signals of time and murder that is caused by a monitor put on highest outcome
television screens and cameras caught a scene
a mouthful of interregation and a crime of instigation brought statements within
our life to become words of hate
while beauty has died within the wires of the mindless and loved
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the air felt alive.
The air felt alive.
By Rachael
A muse upon misery put dreams on a side show
Walking by
Trees made shadows on the sidewalks while leaves crawled on four legs
Towards an opening of a pounding sound caught in organic sentence
Standing upon broken windows
A fresh gasp of air breaks through within sound and disorder
We’re always crawling on the sidewalks.
We break. We’re broken within steps.
We’re alive.
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Caught in a Scream.
Caught in a Scream.
by Rachael
severance used toward destitution of a warned butterfly
broken by pieces of love
delicate towns full of fake light and motivation make speech
for lifeless eyes have gone to bed
taxi cars step by in confusion
small footsteps crash together
forming collisions on matter by manage
lost hope for a generation of mess
left with emptiness
                                and a bed
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Do you want to see what...
Do you want to see what death looks like?
By Rachael
air catastrophy swirling into a deep, destitute of a revenant
hope crawling within a meadow of perfection grasped with ravage
choking extraneous wars upon dilations
currents nuerotic rest on waves within
lungs compulsions rest with warning
time away
when perfect isn't enough
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manifestations of a revival in several forms of publications.
By Rachael
memorable clouding upon once crystal clear, technical industries
skeletal monstrosities on a felt collaspe of the bottom of an ocean
held by ships of melody
collasping on orgasms of hormonial direction
breathing, breathe, gun
pouring celestial remarks under a mind
smash, smash several definitions
crowded fear
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Deception by define Chicanery.
Deception by define Chicanery.
By Rachael
a smell of vigorous meanings in vegiance on ruling ignorance
of untolerable subculture demands
constant fuels of neglegiance towards egregious disciples
Chattel by vacuous feelings of unabridged passings in sentences contained by constant meaning
(a synonym for hopeful reservation of importance or goal towards living)
passing by random based opinions surrounded by ethnocentrism
gallied into deattribution
spoken time abstracted
constant blazes by mind
slit eyes phase
sewn through
as if we fall into gentle rights
protection of motions of perceptive emotion facing doom
come through veins darkened by fallacy
Dear Child,
                        social construction formed by power senses a choice
of modes. careful recognition of ritualistic dominance should cease the
fuel (liturgical utterance). future altered perceptions
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By Rachael
veins, roots of liquid swirl into an abyss of the unknown key of life
lighting intriguing defiance on floods
contained, defined by animosity
retrogressive turns
attached by beauty
decrease revelations of a vulnerability
concrete masses, filed minds
deteriorating memory
constant assistance find under developed continuities of contrasting love
calm abyss of acceptance
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A hard boiled egg.
A hard boiled egg.
By Rachael
figures, silhouettes, creatures manifested by decor of leftover feasts
waking, walking, pointing fingers towards space graduated between ripped fragments of bare heat
Convulsive apparitions spared into weight heavily despaired upon brackets beneath
cracked into bugs, dirt and a figment of past diplomacy (crust of a cuisine risen into machine)
Machine (breathe heavily)
Fogs clairvoyance revokes your desire (by studying neuroscience into manifestations of understanding/knowing where it will bleed, what is not controlled, and why an identity is not found nor needed)
you may discover leads (a yellow incense of crashed, overlooked  way of creating)
If all rise, (crowned by features)
Will perfection find controlling bad deeds that veil us to move forward or consultations of entertained meat?
Could clinical depression consult a mold of new intelligence?
I am a fucking apparatus
I am a contrived mold of machinery (breathe heavily)
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My Dead Tree.
My Dead Tree.
By Rachael
Ritual stance of chaos tears at aforementioned feet
Motioned determined by negligence (rotting beneath the soil)
As framed, forgotten legacy screams:
Thickened blood avalanche (by time in deeds)
Blanked stare stored in mothers locket
Grey, black (moths retreat)
Skies crystalize (dry thoughts)
matter by matter buried next to spoken history
of birds lost in affirmation of a glance forgotten by clock (day, night, a mask of ink)
crystalized sky
matter by matter
                              A lost retreat
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Like peeling an apple
Like peeling an apple, Only to find there is nothing underneath.
by Rachael
I don't think anyone could ever get use to the sound that failure makes.
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A Bird and his Cage.
A Bird and his Cage.
By Rachael
the days mesh together to form one big blob of morality
        "I am earthless," scream the walls.
these days are no longer ours
we speak, but no one will listen.
                                                              I am sick with failure of delivery.
I let the days cave in
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A inclined area...
An inclined area designated for hippies and wild life.
by Rachael
a master of definition that exceeds through what has been brought (still as subtle as the next one)
chauvinisitic recollections of a spin iron stamp-on (this also exceeds the fallen choice)
extended down by eye lids involving motivation fraught with poetic frills and lines (dreams do not conquer)
microscopic hope to scientific views of documents designed on hands (the original data is hidden)
(government approvals) I am a dream.
                                  fallen through by continuities
                                  fallen through by feeling restless
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Nicotine Hands
Nicotine Hands.
By Rachael
flesh upon a sea of smoke in turmoil of distinctive signs
a breath of a final distribution breaking on a ships deck (a fog and a smell of death)
deceased; an increpeted smell of fear and hate
the comprehensive guide to defacing your emotions
                                                                                  in a sea of motion
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I cannot believe this.
I cannot believe this.
by Rachael
when a speck of dust has laid upon old furniture for
             a life style of getting old becomes undefined
these assumptions of innocent death are molded into
              inappropriate use of pity and duty
the dust is wiped away by fragments of self-deprecation
              for society does not accept this
for death is believed to not belong to us
              but by an underlining fear and fate
when love or a lifestyle was just a map
                            dust was the reminder
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The Prevalent Science........
the prevalent science of  a scream.
by Rachael
intentions forgotten by matter, setaceous confiles of ink on skin
partially sunk says the ship
matter upon matter taken aghast, portrayed memories
step into caged gauges filled with animosity (copying a coping dysfunction)
distangled fear on the need found in contrasty (fatuous pronounciations)
as a step into waters, song seven may find the clean or forged answer
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You are beautiful and I am....
You are beautiful and I am the sea.
by Rachael
infused with reflective light on surface of a deep, blue
swimming within waves of catastrophic
through and through desertion
form a light from desire of a factual signficance in an atmosphere of affection
for burning signs of life in missing paradoxes of light
illumination from
(a constant view of what we see)
You and I create a disturbance on the surface of a cardiac organ  (sit and watch the waves)
                                    You are beautiful
and I am the sea
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United States
Current Residence: Illinois
Favourite genre of music: I don't do genres.
Do you ever randomly start the beginning of what seems like a novel?
I know the spelling is probably not all correct, as also the punctuation..

It might be a tad bit wierd that I am putting this in a journal, but I do not feel it is adequate enough for anything else.

I would also like it if you would tell me your opinion and thoughts on this.

I thought I was beginning to go blind that day. Things were starting to become blurry. I didn't know if my contacts were intricately defaced by loss of moisture or if the sun was too bright. I did not know if I was just truely going blind. I almost wanted to be blind. I would never have to see my body or see the looks on other peoples face. Although, the all too familiar tones that effect the countless ears of passerbys would hurt just as the proper glance or glare. I had evidently just exceeded my mind and bodys' motivation for staying awake. I was just exhausted. I went to bed for three hours. When I had awoken, I pretended the morning events did not take place. I'm not exactly sure if I was pretending because I did not realize that I was purposely avoiding the thoughts involving those restless moments. The definition of pretend was to make a pretentious gesture towards a claim. I was not putting forward false apprehensions. I was still a character, though. I was still in play.
As pretentious as an exaggerated side show of actors attempting to grasp their dream of becoming famous, I was looking towards my future as though my flaws were a virtue of extortious happenings. Yet this attitude was only on the outside. While inside my mind was removing the past, I was trying to create the perfect future. I had to forget about the present, also. I had to let go of a fraction of myself.
  • Listening to: Beautiful Beats- Q and not U
  • Reading: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fiztgerald
  • Drinking: Tea.


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